Game of Thrones Final Season Predictions

The final season of Game of Thrones begins tonight. I have a love/hate relationship with the series, as I’ve been reading the books since 2005 and have never been able to get out of book hipster status. While I think the show has a ton of flaws (especially the last two seasons, as it gets further from the source material), it has great acting and visuals and the occasional moment of good storytelling. It’s also probably the only closure I’ll ever get, since the books are nowhere in sight.

So before spoiler start coming out I’m posting a list of my series predictions, on record before the final six episodes air. Some of these have been brewing for years, and I’m excited to see them play out.

Jaime kills Cersei
This is my “gimmie” pick as its hard to see this playing out any other way. Cersei has lived her life in fear that her younger brother (assumed to be Tyrion) will kill her. Well Jaime is seconds younger than her and has finally realized what kind of person she is. She dead.

The Iron Throne won’t exist, metaphorically and literally.
So much speculation from this series regards who ends up on the Throne when all the dust settles. I tend to think the Seven Kingdoms will cease to exist as we know them. Maybe the continent splits into smaller city states, as it was before Aegon the Conqueror. Maybe Westeros finally realizes monarchies aren’t the best way to run a nation (the incest doesn’t help). Maybe the Night King wins. I’m not sure how it’ll happen, but I don’t see the Throne existing as the symbol it currently is. Along with the above, the Throne is also gonna get melted.

The Hound and the Mountain will fight to the death. The Mountain is an undead PoS and has some of the best fights in the series. The Hound is lovable and has weirdly become the heart of the show. He also kind of came back from the dead. They’re currently working with opposing armies. Just give me the fanservice.

Jon Snow dies.
Jon is the closest thing to a “main character” this series has had since Ned Stark died. If this series were a classic example of heroic fantasy, he would end up defeating all the evil villains and end up happily ever after. But that’s not what Ice and Fire is about. Jon is gonna do some cool stuff, but won’t survive the series.

Daenerys dies, but its okay because shes actually a villain.
As above, Dany is also a main protagonist, and many expect her to die heroically fighting the Night King. It would be a tragic character arc, and it makes more sense that she doesn’t actually achieve her goal. But beyond that, all the signs are in place that Dany is on her way to becoming the Mad Queen. They say if all you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. Dany has dragons and a whole world not quite on fire. She’s not there yet and still has good intentions, but the signs are there. Varys warns Tyrion about this in season 7. She loves burning people, has a fiery temper, and a fierce sense of entitlement. Dany becoming the “final boss” of Game of Thrones would be great television.

Jaime kills the Night King.
The Vegas odds will favor Jon or Dany being the one to defeat the Night King, but my money is on the “Kingslayer” himself.

Sam Tarly gets a happy ending.
If any character deserves a fairy-tale ending, it’s Sam the Slayer, who will retire a wise man with a swath of land and a loving family.

BONUS: Tyrion isn’t a Targaryen.
This is a popular theory, and the evidence is there, but nothing would be more boring than making every plot relevant character a Targaryen. Of his siblings, Tyrion is the most like his father, and it would cheapen that connection if “surprise the Mad King is my dad” happens.

BONUS II: I will be wrong about everything.
The most likely theory on this list.

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